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Below, meet the founder of Artful Webinars, her team, and the artists that have joined her on the journey to creating this virtual painting experience.

Cindy Harrison

Founder, Artist, Host

Katie LH Kellogg

Assistant, Artist, Monitor

The Artists

Meet the Artists

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The Artful Webinars Team

About Artful Webinars

Artful Webinars is all about connecting a community of students to teachers! The LIVE Artful Webinars are as close to an in-person seminar as possible; gathering in a virtual classroom to celebrate the joy of painting. Paint with your favorite artist on the Zoom platform. Experience no travel, hotel, or food expenses. Paint in your comfort zone!

Each webinar varies in length and number/length of breaks.

Registration will be open around 6-8 weeks prior to the scheduled webinar. Upon completion of registration, you will receive immediate access to all the information you need for the class and a separate email with steps on how to retrieve this info. Approximately 24 hours before the lesson, you will receive an email reminding you of the webinar containing the link* to the virtual classroom and how to gain access; and again morning of the webinar.

Each lesson stands alone. You may sign up for one, two or multiple webinars as they become available. Teachers and dates are listed in the class calendar, as well as on the registration page.

*The link is your key to the classroom. Please do not share it with anyone. ALSO: Being LIVE in the classroom requires good internet and data plan. If you would like to test your equipment before purchasing, please contact Artful Webinars’ Support Team and make a appointment! Note that you may be recorded on video and used for training and/or promotional purposes.

Check each class individually for cost and times, as they differ. (Surfaces and supplies are not included but kits may be offered by the artists.)

Don’t miss an opportunity to paint with your favorite artist. Space is limited!

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