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Barb Jones

I would LOVE to tell you that my path to Decorative Painting began with a new box of crayons at a very young age…but it didn’t!

I think the macramé, cake decorating, and ceramic classes I took as a young mom were definitely the catalyst for what was to come! Those teachers all took their time to share their knowledge and the love of their craft with me, and the “mold was cast”, as they say. Each skill I learned was a new step that I would draw on at a later date.

After our family made a big move to 5 acres in the country, I took a 6-week Tole Painting class to get better acquainted with my new neighbor, and guess what? I made a new friend and my life made a sharp right turn to painting.

That was a really long time ago (almost 40 years) and my style has morphed more than once…at the moment I’m living in PaperClay and Quikwood Land!

Snowmen are my loves, and Halloween and Christmas are my seasons. I am constantly hunting for Vintage/Antique goodies to be able to create adorable, new SnowJobs® personalities!

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with my husband Jim and 3 rescue Griffs…Charlie, Daisy & Chewie. We have 2 sons, 4 Grands and 1 Great-grand on the way!

I am Blessed!

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