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Carolyn Swasey

In my professional life, I frequently had to use Zoom, but I was on the other end of the controls as an attendee.

When the pandemic hit, the world of decorative painting changed because in-person meetings were discouraged.

This was concerning because my local chapter had many seminars planned for the duration of 2020 and we were going to have to cancel them.

Cindy came to our rescue, and that is when my eyes were opened by her as she demonstrated what Zoom could offer. 

I willingly embraced her help and enjoy hosting/monitoring classes.  It gives me great pleasure to watch the designers bring their pieces to life as they walk the students through the steps to create their interpretation of the piece.

Selfishly, Zoom has allowed me to get to know so many new people who live all over the US as well as internationally.

In closure, this has been a positive thing that has come from the pandemic. Artful Webinars and many others are keeping painters painting.

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