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Christy Hartman

I am fortunate to have been raised in a family that valued creativity, by my father who began helping me to develop my artistic talent at an early age and by my mother who taught me to sew and do needlework. This encouragement and early introduction to art have helped me to develop as an artist.

I was born and raised in South Central Montana, which gives me the distinction of being an actual “Montana Native.” Many people come from all over the country to experience our “western” lifestyle. My family ranched in the area long before I came along so I was fortunate to have opportunities that many people now spend great sums of money to experience.

After many years of selling my designs at local craft shows I decided it was time to move into pattern design and so I developed C. Hartman Designs. I’ve developed my designs with the beginner to intermediate painter in mind and if you “read between the lines” of each piece I think that you can imagine the story being told behind the scenes.  

I am a retired 35 year teaching veteran, having taught in the public schools from Kindergarten to 8th grade as a classroom teacher and the last 13 years of my career as an Art Teacher.  Now I have the luxury of working at my art full time and am enjoying  new opportunities.  Over my many years as a designer I have designed patterns for my website, designed for a variety of online publications and print publications as well as teaching both locally and online.   Join me as we explore exciting opportunities for live teaching using technology.

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