Cindy Harrison

Hi! I am Cindy Harrison. I am passionate about self-expression through painting. The only thing I love more than painting is teaching others how to paint! It is pure joy to see people come alive when they learn to paint. I’ve been teaching decorative painting for almost 30 years. I’ve enjoyed teaching at Conventions and Chapters throughout the US, online, and in my home studio. My designs have been published in The Decorative Painter, Pixelated Palette, Painting E-zine, Painting Friend (Japan), Interactive Artist Magazine and Painting World. I am also a DecoArt Helping Artist.

I created Purely Acrylics (2015-16), a collection of multiple teacher’s video lessons; Paint with Heart (2016-19), online interactive LIVE art lessons and over 100 free video lessons; and more recently Artful Webinars (May 2019-present).  Artful Webinars is a program made up of several ‘big brushes’, some of whom no longer travel teach. In addition to being able to take from these teachers, you also get a front row seat to the action.

At the end of 2018, I became a co-Admin of the Creative Innovations in Painting Facebook group started by Debbie Cole CDA which has over 7100 members. For the past year, Debbie and I have added Painting Watch Parties, which are free video lessons we watch together with the artist ready for questions; Paint A-longs, where you can actually paint along with the artist in real time; and Meet the Artist sessions, where a different artist is featured every month and members can ask them questions.

Being a member of a large group of decorative painters has helped me to build relationships with like-minded people who love art as much as I do, as well as inspiring me to be a better artist.

My belief is that people can connect with others through art and technology. It is my mission to bring decorative painting to people in the comfort of their own homes. Sign up for notifications below and receive information on Artful Webinars as it is released.

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