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Laurie Speltz

I believe there is a place for everyone in art. I also believe creativity should be fun and exploring the possibilities can be endless. Although I am a self-taught decorative painter, I have been a teacher and lover of the arts for as long as I can remember. If you smile after creating one of my designs, participate in a LIVE online event or chat or take a class from
me, mission accomplished. If painting isn’t fun, why do it.

My career has allowed me to create projects for books, magazines, online outlets and major craft companies in the industry. I have been able to publish and create product that has been in the major craft stores nationwide and internationally.

I am proud to be a leader and an influencer in the industry. My patterns, books, online classes/events, stencils, brushes and tools can be purchased in our online store – link can be found below.

I created my Basecoat Stencils™ in 2004 with the idea that they become a tool to be used over and over again. I don’t want to use them just on a single project. They save time and give people a sense of “instant” success. What started as 4 stencils, has grown close to 300. We continue to add new configurations and look forward to new lines in the future.
Our custom stencil brushes are considered some of the best in
the business. They are made to withstand serious usage and
can be used with a variety of techniques and surfaces. I use
Black Gold Brushes and other Dynasty products in my work
and consider them the best.

Our “Online Creative Classroom” (link below) started in 2013 when online classes were something just being considered. We have grown with our popular “12 Days of Christmas” programs, “Santa’s Summer Workshops”, TEAMWORKS and our famous “Bundles” that include the patterns, videos and surfaces in one package. We continue to strive to add new elements to our programs that will make them even more enjoyable and stay ahead of the competition.

I host several Facebook pages both public and private. I continue to host “LIVE in Laurie’s Studio” from my basement studio in my home. I normally do it on Wednesday evenings at 7PM CT. I also do additional online activities throughout the year. We do a morning “Coffee Talk with Laurie” Saturdays at 11AM CT. There even is a FREE cookbook that we put together with recipes from participants. Check our posts for announcements when I go LIVE . We would love to have you participate. We get great interaction from our groups and love people getting to know their fellow participants.

Look for more new things coming from Laurie Speltz, The Creative Coach. We only have a moment to leave our mark in this world and I have a lot more to do.

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