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Amy Mogish

Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal Pages

Page 1: Santa

Original Date: 7/15/2021


Page 2: Mrs. Claud & Her Favorite Gingerbread Cake

Original Date: 8/19/2021


Page 3: Elfie in the Dresser

Original Date: 9/16/2021


Page 4: O Christmas Tree

Original Date: 10/21/2021


Page 5: Dear Santa,
I’ve Been Good

Original Date: 11/11/2021


Page 6: Salt Dough Gingers & Cranberry Garland

Original Date: 2/24/2022


Page 7: Bird Lady

Original Date: 3/24/2022


Page 8: Bayberry & Chenille

Original Date: 4/21/2022


Page 9: Care Bear Christmas

Original Date: 5/19/2022


Page 10: Baking Joy

Original Date: 6/16/2022


Page 11: Christmas Fruit

Original Date: 7/21/2022

Available: October 2023

Page 12: Dear Santa

Original Date: 8/18/2022

Available: November 2023

Page 13: Up on the Rooftop

Original Date: 9/15/2022

Available: December 2023

Page 14: Just Add Sprinkles

Original Date: 10/20/2022

Available: January 2023

Page 15: Centerfold Santa

Original Date: 11/17/2022

Available: February 2024

Halloween Keepsake Journal Pages

Page 1: Matilda and Friends

Original Date: 9/22/2022

Available: October 2023

Additional Webinars

Homespun Snowman

Original Date: 1/13/2022


Little Silver Bell

Original Date: AW 22 Convention
(Previous Students Need to Email Support for Code)


Delicious Spells

Original Date: 9/2.9/2021


Toy Maker & Gingerbread Baker

Original Date: 12/2.9/2021


Blue Easter

Original Date: 3/21/2022


Christmas Friends

Original Date: 7/28/2021


Apple Spice Bakery

Original Date: 4/22.29/2021


Make It Merry

Original Date: 11/4/2021


Happy Denim Snowman

Original Date: 2/9.10/2022


Cookie Maker & Cookie Taker

Original Date: 12/4.11/2020

Available: November 2023

Webinar Info

How Webinars Work

All webinars are LIVE, interactive, and virtually through Zoom.

Once registered for a webinar, students receive an email confirmation with a CHECK LIST they will need to follow PRIOR to the date of the session. More often than not, artists provide prep instructions to be completed before the start of class.

Students will need to refer to their Confirmation Email to access digital instructions, line drawings, and to launch the Zoom Classroom when it opens on the day of class.

Students should attempt to enter the Zoom Classroom 30 minutes prior to the start of class. If a student is unable to access the Zoom Classroom, they should call the Support Team at (603) 420-8794. They should NOT email or PM via social media platforms if they’re trying to enter a Zoom Classroom.

Materials & Tools

Class registrations open approximately 8 weeks prior to the date of the class. This is to provide students ample time to order any supplies required for the project. Some artists may choose to provide surfaces and/or kits for an additional fee.

Additionally, artists may include prep work within their instructions. Any prep work will be noted clearly within instructions and students will be expected to complete any prep work prior to the start of class.

Refunds, Exchanges, & Credits

There are NO REFUNDS. In accordance to the Terms & Conditions, which students are required to agree to prior to submitting payment, refunds will not be given.

It is the student’s responsibility to review the mediums/supplies, dates, and times of webinars of interest. This information is always provided under each project tile, as well as on the registration page. Check personal calendars for any conflicts PRIOR to registering for a webinar. Refunds will not be granted if you are unable to attend, as instructions for the project are provided immediately after registration and the majority of our webinars offer a Video Replay for 30 days after the class.

There are NO EXCHANGES! Meaning, students will not be permitted to exchange one webinar for another should they decide to not want to take a webinar; nor will they be given permission to exchange the same webinar for a different date if a repeat date becomes available.

Credit will NOT be given. Students are provided immediate access to an e-pattern and prep-video (if teacher provides one), and they will still have access to the instructions and Video Replay for up to 30 days.

Skill Level Varies

While most classes are skilled for Intermediate to Advance, please check projects individually for skill level information.

Office Hours

Tuesday thru Friday | 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM ET



(603) 420-8794